Who we are

Rada Airlines is a private Belarusian air company established in 2015. We operate international cargo charters with a fleet of two TCO-certified and ICAO Chapter 3 noise compliant IL-62M(Cargo) aircraft. The planes can be equipped for bulk or palletized loading and are capable of carrying any type of goods, including general cargo, technical and engineering equipment, dangerous goods of all classes, live animals, perishables, or humanitarian cargo.


IL-62MF Specifications

Total payload: 40.000 kg

Maximum volume: 190 cbm

Main cargo door: 345x200 cm

Cargo hold: 2680x320x195 cm

Range with max payload: 5 500 km

Ferry flight max range: 10 500 km

Avrage cruise speed: 830 km/h

Contact Details

Rada Airlines LLC

220056, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

35 Starinovskaya str., office 3N

Tel: +375 (17) 3507253

Fax: +375 (17) 3507254

24h OPS: +375 (29) 1301076

Email: sales@rada.aero